Vågen marina is located in the heart of Stavanger town centre, and can accommodate about 12 boats. Vågen marina may be closed for short periods of time during festivals etc.

Service building Børevika
The service building is located in Børevigå marina. In this marina you will find a service centre in the ground floor of the building on the pier. It is equipped with showers, toilets, and a laundry room with a washing machine and spin dryer. The service building is open from 19.06.20. During COVID-19 pandemic, please keep in mind social distancing rules and practice good hygiene. The building is cleaned twice daily.
Access to the service building is included in the harbour fee. The codes will be received after payment is received, and provides access to the service centre for the period which you have paid for. To access the building, enter the code on the panel by the door.  
For more information, see our web-site https://www.stavangerhavn.no/
1. Please note that you can only pay one day at a time, but you may pay several consecutive days. 
2. Please find an available berth before you pay (like a car park). 
3. Please Sign up or Sign in
4. Select Pay and follow the instruction 
5. Electricity will be a choice later in the payment process.

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