Fjällbacka Gästhamn


Welcome to Fjällbacka Gästhamn, one of Bohuslän’s nicest and most centrally located harbors. Take in the stunning view of Vetteberget, a 74 meter cliff that seafarers once used for navigation, or visit the landmark in person using the easy access stairway.  Interested in film history? Visit Kungsklyftan, which was the filming location for parts of Ronia: The Robber's Daughter. The area is also home to Fjällbackas Rosarium, a beautiful garden with 235 different varieties of roses. 

For those who are a little more adventurous, there are bicycles, kayaks and paddle boards available for rent at your convenience. The amenities offered at Fjällbacka Gästhamn are truly one of a kind.  The buildings are located beside the water with classic boathouses and fishermen’s cottages nestled side by side. 

Guests will also enjoy nearby access to swimming, a sauna, and hot tub. During the summer months, we deliver fresh rolls, pastries and much more directly to your berth, but you can also venture out to the many excellent cafés and restaurants on site. 
Bitte geben Sie oben die Länge, Breite und Tiefe Ihres Bootes ein.

Die Maße sind in Metern angegeben.

Um die Verfügbarkeit anzuzeigen, wählen Sie bitte ein An- und Abreisedatum im obigen Kalender aus.