The small fishing village Grebbestad bustling with life during the summer months but is a natural focal point throughout the year. The fine promenade, adjacent to the lively harbor, creating life and movement and gives Grebbestad a unique touch. It offers shopping, restaurants, outdoor cafes and activities for both young and old. Grebbestad marina is open throughout the year. There is, of course, access to water, electricity and fresh showers and toilets. Washing machines are available and are booked through the reservation system located in the laundry room. You will find the marina office in the middle of the harbor. During the summer season we offer delivery of bread rolls, pastries and much more directly to your boat. We also offer wireless internet in the port area all year round. Bryggan is divided into different color zones; green for families, red for partying and blue for in between. This is so that the guests can have the opportunity to influence the environment in which one wants to be with his boat.