Gullmarsstrand is one of those rare places where natural beauty, recreation, and a simple lifestyle are not only accessible, but celebrated. Located on the south side of the Gullmar Fjord in Fiskebäckskil, which was founded in the 16th century during the herring fishing era, Gullmarsstrand is a historic community with a long history of seafaring tradition.  

Although it is a smaller harbor, Gullmarstrand offers a high level of service all year round. Guests will enjoy the sauna and a bathing beach, and our  restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and a la carte options, as well as seasonal menus, including a Christmas smorgasbord. Explore the area  by way of our many hiking trails, or easily rent a bike or kayak for longer distance adventures. After a leisurely swim at one of many sandy beaches or piers, take the whole family for a round of minigolf or a game of pétanque. A gym is available at the hotel to keep up with your fitness routine, and enjoy an indulgent spa treatment afterwards. Dining is convenient and delicious at the hotel restaurant, where guests can start their day off with a lovely breakfast buffet.

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