12.18. Boltenhagen Marina - Weisse Wiek

Discovering something new has never been easier – because we make things easy for you. At 12.18. Boltenhagen Marina - Weisse Wiek – located centrally between Lübeck Bay and Mecklenburg Bay. Bordering the lively Ostseebad Boltenhagen, the new 12.18. Boltenhagen Marina - Weisse Wiek has now been open since April 2008 – with plenty of space and draught for you and your yacht. We can offer variable prices and a wide range of berth sizes, with a minimum water depth of 4.5 metres. That gives you excellent flexibility in your choice of a berth, and us the opportunity to provide space for ships up to 40 metres in length. 12.18. Boltenhagen Marina - Weisse Wiek has the right amount of space for everyone’s needs. Even if the new marina is far too beautiful to leave, you can reach several marinas in the southern Baltic Sea in relaxing day trips. And our services make conditions perfect for you to start well-equipped on your next sailing trip.

Marina contact information

Marina E-mail info@yachtwelt.de
Address Zum Hafen 3
23946 Boltenhagen
Lat/long 53.9729924, 11.2502254