Hankö Marina / Hankø Marina

Hankø is located in the Oslo Fjord, Østfold county, Norway. Hankø is also known as the “summer paradise of Norway”. The Norwegian sailing king “King Olav” had his summer house “Bloksberg” here and his Yacht “Norway” was moored here all summer for decades. Now his grandchild “princesses Martha Louise” spend her summers here with her family. Hankø is well known as a venue for the sport of sailing not just localy but internationally having hosted several world championships in different yacht classes. It is the host of annual sailing competitions during the summer, attracting international competitors. The island has lots of summer cottages, mainly owned by inhabitants from Oslo (Norway's capital). This is due to the close proximity to the capitol. The island is connected to the mainland, a beautiful place called Vikene, by a ferry. Cheapest fuel on the west coast?