The guest harbour in Horten is situated in the centre and is easily accessible from the waterway in the Oslofjord. North of Horten is Holmestrand and the next stop south is Åsgårdstrand. Close to the marina, there are playgrounds, beach volleyball court and a kiosk. The harbour is located near a large shopping centre nearby. There are several shops and a liquor store. Horten is known for its beautiful gardens and green spaces that invite you to play and entertainment. Most attractions in Horten is only a short walk away.
Electricity is NOT included. If you need electricity you pay for that directly to the marina when arriving.

Marina contact information

Marina E-mail postmottak@hortenhavn.no
Address Tollbugata 2
3192 Horten
Norway Horten
Lat/long 59.4131913, 10.4891837