Karlstad Gästhamn

Värmland one of Swedens 25 counties with it’s unique culture constantly being renewed, debated and questioned, and new layers are added to the core that has been built up over many centuries. It has created a landscape of contrasts where you enjoy a diversity of experiences. For example, Karlstad the “capital” of Värmland the summer city with a wide range of restaurants and activities to suit everyone. The unique thing about Karlstad is that it is walking distance between all the different restaurants and activities, which means that you can discover a lot in the city just by strolling around. Enjoy the Karlstad which is located on the north east shore of lake Vänern right next to the river Klarälven. The marina is just a stone throw from the town center.

Marina contact information

Marina E-mail gasthamn@karlstad.se
Address Tynäsgatan 8
65224 Karlstad
Sweden Karlstad
Lat/long 59.3757594, 13.5087772