Svartsö Gästhamn

Svartsö is located in the middle parts of the Stockholm archipelago and one of the larger islands in the area. On the island, you will find everything from open green meadows and beautiful cliffs and idyllic lakes, to the lovely social moments together with close friends and loved ones at the island's wide culinary selection at the restaurant, cafe and bistro.

Guest harbour & The country store (Lanthandel)
A stay in the harbour does not only mean a guest harbour with electricity, but also proximity to the island's acclaimed country store, Svartsö Lanthandel, and the famous restaurant, Svartsö Krog, which is a stone's throw away. Lanthandeln is just next to the guest harbour and operates the harbour as well. The store welcomes all guests of the harbour with open arms and here you will find answers to all your questions about the island. Svartsö Lanthandel has a very wide range with everything you might need during your stay on the island.

Enjoy Svartsö
Getting around on the island is easiest done on a bike, which can be rented at the Lanthadel, but of course, it is possible to walk along with the cosy gravel roads to get to the different corners of the island. A few kilometres from the harbour and the Lanthandel you will find Örett's Bistro Saw, which serves delicious food & drinks in a renovated old saw house. Would you like to leave the boat for a night? Svartsö Archipelago Hotel & Hostel is located on the north side of the island. A very relaxing place to stay. Finally, if you want to fall asleep to the sound of waves why not rent a fishing hut for a night. Ask the Lanthandel for availability.